Amphion Argon 3LS

Depth and detail

Argon3LS floorstanding loudspeaker keeps its clarity and composure even when placed close to the wall. It combines the midrange detail and speed of the best monitor speaker with added weight and bass extension of a floorstander.


Unrivalled midrange clarity

Exceptional naturalness and purity makes listening a joy. The nuances of human voice and instruments are presented in their full glory.

Room-wide sweet spot

Thanks to even dispersion, enjoyment is not limited to a single seat. Everyone in the room can share the experience equally.

Low volume, high intensity

Easy to place and well-performing even under challenging acoustics. Clear and memorable even on lower listening volumes.

Hvid eller sort Amphion 3LS koster 15000,- pr styk
Valnød Amphion 3LS koster 16000,- pr styk
Pris: 14.995,00 kr.
Størrelse:34cm x 23cm x 100cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:23 kg
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