Audio Solutions Figaro B

Figaro! speaker line is our newest speaker line for today. In 6 years of development we can offer much more efficient production and much better sound quality due to our specific Self-Locking cabinet technique, mini-horn for tweeter and other unique features used in all our speakers. The result – Figaro! We took all weakest points in Rhapsody series and made them strongest. Sound quality of Figaro! is simply way above Rhapsody range and due to new manufacturing techniques we can offer Figaro speakers with LOWER prices than Rhapsody range.

Figaro! maintains the same style accents as Overture or Vantage 5th Anniversary series and gracefully slides in to overall AudioSolutions production portfolio. Designed to look solid ,timeless and be accent of living room or disappear in it with help of 17 different unique finishes. Figaro! sits second in our portfolio and is located above Overture series, overall looks is chosen to be similar to Overture – calm and graceful, while “invisible” decisions is taken from Vantage 5th anniversary speaker line. All floor standing models are 3-way systems with midrange working in wider than usual region for reduced crossover distortions in most critical area for human ear.


Xiralic White, Champagne or Black koster 19000,-

Grey Olive, Ebony, Dark Mahony, White Maple, Texture White or Texture Black koster 21000,-


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Pris: 19.000,00 kr.
Størrelse:40cm x 23cm x 35cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:13 kg
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