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Figaro maintains timeless AudioSolutions’ design accents and gracefully slides into the overall product portfolio. Designed to look solid, and be the accent of the living room or disappear in it with the help of 17 different unique finishes. Make your Figaro look the way you want. Make the speaker stand out by choosing one of two front baffles a.k.a “Stealth Grille”. All floor-standing models are 3-way systems. Unique midrange in Figaro speakers works in extended band in order to reduce crossover distortions in a most critical area for the human ear (1000-1500Hz).

Two-way speaker system with Mini-Horn loaded silk dome tweeter and two ER (Extra Rigid) paper cone mid-bass drivers which are known for a fast transient response, sound clarity and tight bass. Cabinet assembly is based on our Self-Locking and Box-in-a-Box technologies. Figaro features height-adjustable feet, “Stealth Grille” system, WBT NextGen connection terminals and 17 different unique never seen before finishes. All of them piano gloss!

In order to reduce tweeter sharpness at higher volumes (a typical soft dome problem), we’ve introduced the mini-horn which is used in all our speaker systems. On top of that, we have the waveguide which helps to focus and control sound-front propagation. The tweeter we use is slightly smaller than usual. This allows us to have a faster response and fewer distortions of the dome at the very top end.

Our Self-Locking cabinet technique (the technique of very rigid enclosure joints with properties identical to those featured by monolithic cabinets) allows a very good bass control and deep bass extension even in the smallest Figaro models. It is truly remarkable what a properly designed cabinet can do. Usually, cabinets are made of six walls joined together and one or two extra bracings inside the cabinet for slightly better cabinet inertia. Such cabinets usually lack bass attack and clarity because many different frequencies resonate in the cabinet itself and the decay of the accumulated energy in the cabinet is very slow compared to how fast audio signal is changing. This results in a muddy and resonant bass, typically equalized in one or two regions. Most people describe this effect as “booming sound”. This is a typical problem of middle-priced speakers. Our Self-Locking cabinet is designed in a completely different manner. The key in eliminating unwanted vibrations is combining materials with different resonance properties so that they damp each other out. The simplest way to do this is to use materials of different thickness or density and make a sandwich of them. The thickness of the Figaro cabinet varies from 18mm up to 50mm in different areas.

Combining materials is nice, but we have gone even further. We have modelled every surface in the speaker and made vibration analysis of it as a whole, and noticed the importance of joints between surfaces. It is remarkable what modern software can do. There is a very big difference between a simple joint and our Self-Locking joint. Without the Self-Locking joints, the analysis exposed huge flexibility in the joint areas which acts as hinges, after improving our joining technique the cabinet became virtually monolithic. The key concept here is that all surfaces act as one monolithic sandwich. The vibrations travel inside material until the joint is reached then it reflects back because the weak hinge-like joint can’t transfer energy any further. Surfaces joined together in a locked joint becomes one system working together. The result is clear, tight and fast bass also vivid mids. A lucky “side-effect” is that we have relatively lighter speakers. To achieve the same cabinet properties with usual methods – mass has to be increased by at least 50%

Denne model er kun mod special bestiling, og laves kun ved bestilling. Der må forventes ca 2-4 ugers levering

Sensitivity : 90.5 dB   2.83V 1m

Nominal power handling : 80 W rms Maximum unclipped power handling : 160 W

Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms

Crossover frequency : 4000 Hz

Frequency response (in-room environment) : 40-25000 Hz

Drivers : 2,5cm silk dome tweeter, 18.3cm ER paper cone mid-bass driver

Xiralic White, Champagne or Black koster 21975,-

Grey Olive, Ebony, Dark Mahony, White Maple, Texture White or Texture Black koster 23975,-

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Pris: 21.975,00 kr.
Størrelse:46,9cm x 27,3cm x 39,6cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:16 kg
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