Audio Solutions Overture 0304F

Overture MK3 is a third-generation entry-level speaker of AudioSolutions. Overture MK3 have a marking O3** and is changing older MK2 version marked O2**; Third series Overture introduces completely new looks compared to its predecessor. These rather drastic visual changes mark completely reworked speakers – a cabinet, drivers and crossover structure. We proudly present Overture – the ultimate marriage of art and technology.

Overture O304F is a 3-way design floorstanding speaker equipped with a customized silk dome tweeter, ER cone mid-band driver and two ER cone woofers. The overture comes with carpet-piercing spikes for stability and improved performance. In the set, you will also find protective caps for spikes if you want to place the speaker on hardwood floors. Spikes are threaded with M6, this standard allows the customer to experiment with another type of spikes or dampening feet to his taste. We upgraded binding posts to massive ones finished in nice frosted satin silver. These binding posts can take even thickest high-end cable manufactured today and provide proper grip for tightening and most importantly – proper path for signal travel without any losses. Overture MK3 is being offered in two standard colours Gloss Black and Gloss White. At extra options, we offer three kinds of wood textures – Oak, Mahogany and Wenge.

Three-way speaker system. Highly braced, all new Sectional-Box-in-a-Box cabinet inspired by award-winning Virtuoso series speakers. High-flow bass reflex port with highly rounded flange. ER cone mid and bass drivers inspired by our most popular Figaro series speakers, silk dome tweeter loaded with famous mini-horn. Phase-linear crossover with extra thick copper PCB and high-grade coreless copper coils. Completely reworked massive binding posts and set of spikes.

Overture MK2 were equipped with self-locking cabinet structure which was a major breakthrough back then compared to typical non-complex cabinet structure. Working with huge potential of the self-locking cabinet we came up with another cabinet type – Box-in-a-Box structure. This type of cabinet is being used in our award-winning Virtuoso speakers and is remarkably stiff yet shares extremely good dampening properties. Seeing its flexibility to work with and potential of Box-in-a-Box cabinets in general, we decided to adapt this expensive technology to our cheaper entry-level products. Overture MK3 shares Virtuoso cabinet technology and is equipped with Sectional-Box-in-a-Box cabinet system. The whole cabinet consists of two intersecting cabinets – lightweight inner box and heavy outer box. The polyurethane layer in between the two boxes acts as dampening material. The thin but stiff inner cabinet provides the necessary support for the structure itself as well as transfers the energy of radiated back-wave to outer cabinet layers without storing energy inside the material and preventing the back-wave from being reflected to the listener. Fast energy transfer is essential in order to prevent low Q oscillations which can last relatively long and ruin precise sound reproduction. To illustrate low Q oscillations think of the swings where energy is stored for a prolonged period and oscillations die slowly due to high mass and lack of dampening. With just one push you will have prolonged oscillations which are unwanted in the cabinets. So, transferred from an inner box, energy reaches outer box which has a huge mass to absorb the received energy (compared to the inner cabinet) and have low inner tension forces and thus high dampening properties to dissipate energy in to heat as fast as possible without generating unwanted prolonged oscillations. However, these two layers alone cannot provide efficient energy exchange and dissipation into heat. That’s why the third layer in between outer and inner boxes is so essential – a polyurethane layer joins two cabinets (which are separated by a fraction of millimetre) and provides additional dampening due to high viscosity. This layer not only acts as an additional barrier for energy to be dissipated into heat while travelling from the inner box to the outer box but also helps outer high mass box to quickly stop its movement. To illustrate its working principle we can imagine swings being suddenly stopped with the help of a soft pillow.

Wood collection koster 36750,-


Limited Edition koster 40000,-

( Blanco, White/Black mahogany or Matured Oak )


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Pris: 33.500,00 kr.
Størrelse:33cm x 22cm x 99cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:27 kg
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