Audio Solutions Overture 0303F

Overture O303F is a 2-way MTM design floorstanding speaker equipped with a customized silk dome tweeter and ER cone mid-bass drivers. The overture comes with carpet-piercing spikes for stability and improved performance. In the set, you will also find protective caps for spikes if you want to place the speaker on hardwood floors. Spikes are threaded with M6, this standard allows the customer to experiment with another type of spikes or dampening feet to his taste. We upgraded binding posts to massive ones finished in nice frosted satin silver. These binding posts can take even thickest high-end cable manufactured today and provide proper grip for tightening and most importantly – proper path for signal travel without any losses. Overture MK3 is being offered in two standard colours Gloss Black and Gloss White. At extra options, we offer three kinds of wood textures – Oak, Mahogany and Wenge.

Two-way speaker system. Highly braced, all new Sectional-Box-in-a-Box cabinet inspired by award-winning Virtuoso series speakers. High-flow bass reflex port with highly rounded flange. ER cone mid-bass drivers inspired by our most popular Figaro series speakers, silk dome tweeter loaded with famous mini-horn. Phase-linear crossover with extra thick copper PCB and high-grade coreless copper coils. Completely reworked massive binding posts and set of spikes.

Sort & hvid koster 23750,- for et sæt

Oak, Mahogany and Wenge koster 26500,- for et sæt

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Pris: 23.750,00 kr.
Størrelse:33cm x 21cm x 94cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:25 kg
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