Audio Solutions Virtuoso B

Virtuoso series employs much of the advanced technology originally developed for the company’s flagship Vantage 5th-anniversary series. Virtuoso series sits comfortably between AudioSolutions’ Figaro and Vantage 5th anniversary series.

Virtuoso is equipped with a new type of speaker performance tuning device which encloses three different crossovers in one speaker to choose from (except Virtuoso B). This system does not change SPL of speaker response and should not be mistaken with room/system tuning devices where levels of individual drivers are being changed. In Virtuoso we decided to take a step further and use natural drivers’ distortion pattern to manipulate listening experience.

Notable highlights of Virtuoso series includes an advanced Box-in-a-Box system, mini-horn loaded tweeter, an extended frequency midrange driver, and of course self-locking cabinets borrowed from our Vantage flagship speakers.

Three-way speaker system with sub firing down. Highly braced internal skeleton with complex all new Box-in-a-Box enclosure and multi-layer walls. Inspired by Vantage 5th anniversary speakers with many technologies borrowed from and advanced to fit for our new generation platform.

We believe that Virtuoso is a dawn of a completely new generation of speakers at AudioSolutions and it starts with Virtuoso series.

Virtuoso benefits from different thickness walls across all cabinet. We use different thickness and density materials, combine them so that each layer would have different resonance frequencies. This technique allows us to dampen vibrations inside those materials. A thin polyurethane glue layer between materials has a thickness of 0.1-0.15mm and forms a unique layer which helps to transfer energy from walls to heat (absorb mechanical energy) and help to dampen all structure extensively. The thickness of sidewalls, front baffle and back of the speaker is not equal along all perimeter. It constantly changes. This technique not only serves as a pretty curved outer shell but promotes differential vibration dampening when the driver works at high-pressure levels. This technique along with a box in a box technology forms a complex cabinet system which only some high-end manufacturers can allow themselves to manufacture.

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Farverne Pearl White, Silver Grey, Zinc Grey og Black koster 105000,- uden standere

Org Standere koster 26500,-


Metallic finish koster 126.000,- uden standere

( Flame chameleon, Lemon, Gold, Glacier Blue, Teal, Saturated blue, British racing green, Ice Blue )


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Pris: 105.000,00 kr.
Størrelse:48cm x 30cm x 45cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:23 kg
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