Audio Solutions Virtuoso L

Virtuoso series employs much of the advanced technology originally developed for the company’s flagship Vantage 5th-anniversary series. Virtuoso series sits comfortably between AudioSolutions’ Figaro and Vantage 5th anniversary series.

Notable highlights of Virtuoso series includes an advanced Box-in-a-Box system, mini-horn loaded tweeter, an extended frequency midrange driver, a user-adjustable crossover with three listening profiles, and of course self-locking cabinets borrowed from our Vantage flagship speakers.

Three-way speaker system. Highly braced internal skeleton with complex all new Box-in-a-Box enclosure and multi-layer walls. Inspired by Vantage 5th anniversary speakers with many technologies borrowed from and advanced to fit for our new generation platform. We believe that Virtuoso is a dawn of a completely new generation of speakers at AudioSolutions and it starts with Virtuoso series.

Virtuoso is equipped with a new type of speaker performance tuning device which encloses three different crossovers in one speaker to choose from. This system does not change SPL of speaker response and should not be mistaken with room/system tuning devices where levels of individual drivers are being changed. In Virtuoso we decided to take a step further and use natural drivers’ distortion pattern to manipulate listening experience.

As it is known all speaker drivers have more or fewer distortions present across the spectrum which is the natural behaviour of the driver. Each driver’s distortion pattern is different which reflects as unique-sounding units – aluminium cone drivers have a metallic/harsh sound or ceramic cone drivers have analytic sound. The same is true for musical instruments. This is what makes two different violins sound tonally different, despite the same note being played. Although in music this phenomenon is called overtones rather than distortions. Technically speaking cause of both overtones and distortions are one and the same. Different overtone patterns create a unique sounding instrument with a richer or leaner, more dramatic or more neutral tone. So is with speakers. By adding more than one driver to the speaker we create a speaker system with a distortion pattern described by crossover points. By manipulating crossover’s cut-off frequency and steepness of slopes we create different distortion/overtone patterns where different portions of each driver’s distortions/overtones participate in the final system. It is a unique feature which allows us to offer you three different listening experiences without actually changing speaker technical characteristics.

AudioSolutions Adjustable Harmonics Crossover has three modes:

1. Balanced – this mode is a sweet spot with a perfect balance of musical clarity and an immersive soundstage.

2. Moderate – this mode is ideal for prolonged listening sessions when less dramatic and less detailed sound required.

3. Enhanced – engaging this mode will allow the listener to experience the finest level of musical details from their recordings. This mode is especially well suited for quiet evening listening sessions when ambient urban noise is reduced, and micro details in the music come alive. This mode can make the difference between simply listening to music and establishing an emotional connection with your music, prompting you to get up and dance or shed a tear, when listening to your favourite tunes.

Virtuoso speakers share a true box-in-a-box enclosure design. This system relies on an internal structure with extensive skeleton-like bracing which grants rigidity of enclosure and controls primary vibrations which are created directly by the drivers. This internal carcass is covered with lightweight material to form an inner box. Lightweight walls have very low inertia and don’t store energy. Because of that, inner cabinet ringing characteristics are very good. The outer box is being attached directly to and over the inner box. By applying more dense material with higher inner losses we eliminate any high Q spikes which can be transmitted from inner structure. Outer box works in tandem with inner box by dampening each other out. Specially calculated corner joint point’s and shape increases structural forces even further. The resulting cabinet shares properties of those aluminium or composite cabinets, but do not add high-frequency ringing and harmonics which is common in those type cabinets.

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Pris: 352.000,00 kr.
Størrelse:77cm x 55cm x 141cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:120 kg
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