Cambridge CXA61

Cambridge CXA61

  • 60 watts per channel –  for detailed & powerful audio performance
  • Class AB Amplification – for balanced & efficient reproduction
  • ESS Sabre ES9010 DAC – get the most from digital sources
  • Digital inputs – TOSLINK, Coaxial & USB Audio Input (up to 32-bit/384kHz & DSD256 digital files from Mac/PC)
  • Analogue inputs – 4 pairs of RCA connectors
  • Bluetooth aptX HD – hi-res wireless connection to Alva ST etc.
  • A/B Speaker Zones – add speakers to another room

Rewarding Performance

CXA61 builds on the foundations laid by the original CX Series, and over 50 years’ experience of designing amplifiers. It provides a fresh perspective, with 60 watts per channel of pure excitement. It’s a punchy and upfront listen, without giving away detail or precision – whether you want to recreate the atmosphere of the mosh pit or the concert hall.

Lost in Your Music

Designed to bring you closer to the music you love, CXA61 places you right at the heart of your favourite recordings – revealing every note in the most natural, effortless, and detailed way imaginable. Analogue or digital, lo-fi or hi-res, CXA61 lets the music take you wherever you want to go.

Return on Investment

Our engineering team in London invested hours researching, developing, experimenting and, above all, listening to ensure that CXA61 was right. Their goal: to deliver a thrilling, focused and detailed musical performance. Every component selected, and decision made, based on the desire to make the CXA61 a very accomplished integrated amplifier.

Effortlessly Musical

At the heart of CXA61 beats a Class AB power amplifier stage with optimised capacitor values. It takes the musicality of Class A and blends it with the efficiency of Class B. The amp’s short signal path leaves little opportunity for interference. The resulting sound is detailed, while delivering the emotional impact the artist intended.

Power with Control

Thanks to its toroidal transformer, CXA61 delivers 60 watts of pure power per channel. With a special volume pot designed to minimise crosstalk, the result is an amplifier with reserves of power – ready to exploit the dynamic potential of your speakers and deliver volume without stress or distortion.

All of the Music

To deliver the maximum musical experience, no matter the source, CXA61 has a digital board featuring the acclaimed ESS Sabre ES9010 K2M digital-to-analogue convertor (DAC). CXA61 can bring digital audio files, up to high resolution 32-bit/384kHz and DSD256, vividly to life – combining convenience with a performance unimagined at this price.

Get Connected

CXA61 is a well-connected amp. As well as digital optical and coaxial connections, it features plenty of stereo analogue inputs alongside wireless hi-res connectivity via Bluetooth aptX HD – perfect for sources like an Alva ST turntable. You can even connect a second pair of speakers, to share your music with another room.

Designed for Life

Thanks to the relentless dedication of our team in London, CXA61 is a complete solution. Its combination of versatility and high performance, means it can form the centre of your musical system for many years to come. Its elegant, minimalistic lines, crafted from aluminium and steel, will endure both physically and aesthetically.

Pris: 6.995,00 kr.
Størrelse:34cm x 43cm x 11,5cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:8 kg
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