Gold Note Machiavelli Mk.II Red

This high-class low-output MC cartridge has been recently re-designed and the MkII version now reaches new impressive output levels and impedance values. Housed in an elegantly shaped alloy body, the Machiavelli cartridge offers a perfect balance and great dynamics, making it the perfect host to enjoy your music collection.


The Gold Note original MC cartridge recently re-designed version comes with coils featuring the highest standard low output level to guarantee top quality audio performance.

Housed in an elegantly shaped alloy body, the Machiavelli MkII cartridge offers perfect smoothness and extended dynamics making it the perfect host for your vinyl collection.

Machiavelli MkII’s extra rigid cantilever handles a high-precision Line Contact diamond stylus-tip in the Gold model and a micro-elliptical diamond stylus-tip in the Red model, both developed in collaboration with Ogura, the inventor of the Line-Contact diamond stylus shape.

At a price point where competition is fierce, the Machiavelli MkII cartridge distinguishes itself brilliantly thanks to its exceptional dynamic performances and engaging musicality that will make all of your LPs sound terrific.

Pris: 14.900,00 kr.
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