Gold Note Mediterraneo

Italian Design

A minimalist approach and attention to detail are behind the modern beauty of this turntable paying tribute to Italy’s great design tradition.

Fine Materials

Fine woods chosen for their elevated stability and ideal structural characteristics. The elegant rectangular shape creates a classic look.

Motor with micro-controller

Equipped with a 12V synchronous motor, driven by a proprietary power supply run by a micro-controller which electronically controls the velocity 33/45RPM.

Ready to Play

Out of the box thanks to the full package offered with the turntable including B-5 tonearm and hand-made removable dust cover made of plexiglass.


Mediterraneo Black or White with B5.1 arm 43499,-

Mediterraneo Walnut with B5.1 arm 52500,-

Mediterraneo Walnut with B-7 Ceramic arm 59900,-


Den viste model er med B-7 Ceramic arm i valnød til 59900,-

Pris: 52.500,00 kr.
Størrelse:36cm x 47cm x 21cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:20 kg
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