Gold Note Vassari Red mm

Our entry level MM cartridge features an elliptical diamond tip on the Gold and a conical diamond tip on the Red model. It is made of quality materials and the ultra-rigid Aluminium cantilever makes Vasari a superb tracker able to extract all the information from the vinyl groove. Vasari is a first step for audiophiles looking for High-End sound and as such provides truly excellent performances in its category.

The Vasari Series combines style and technology. The innovative and beautiful design of this cartridge, realised through computer modelling, has been created to achieve the peak performance of the MM design.

Its high-dampening structure, made of superior quality materials, and its ultra-rigid aluminium naked cantilever make the Vasari a superb tracker to let the custom bolded diamond stylus, exclusively developed on Gold Note specifications, extract all the informations from the vinyl groove.

Vasari is available in two models, the Gold made with an aluminum body and the Red with a special ultra-dampening photo-polymer body. Both feature an output level of 4mV.

Pris: 1.895,00 kr.
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