Hifiman Susvara

Acoustically invisble stealth magnets

The advanced magnet design used for the first time on the Susvara, aims to be acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave diffraction turbulence which degrades the integrety of the sound waves.

The result is redused distortion,

yielding a purer, more harmonius sound that audibly so

Unlike the sound waves created by a conventional magnet, the special shape of the stealth magnet of the Susvara enables the waves to pass through the magnet without generating interference

Nanometer grade

The drivers incredible thinness, less than a millionth of a meter and extremely low mass means it can produce tremendously low distrotion levels eyt offer a highly dynamic response.

By combining this diaphragm and “stealth magnet” technology each working in harmony, the audio prodused is of a remarkable quality and clarity

Sonic Serenity

The “window shade” on the Susvara has been painstakingly optimized to awoid any resonant frequencies. This leads to superior aural purity, tonally clean and anudulterated yet provides practical protection for the ultra fine diaphragm and additional offering appealing visual aesthetic

Frequency Response : 6Hz-75kHz
Impedance : 60Ω
Sensitivity : 83dB
Weight : 450g (15.9oz)

Pris: 50.700,00 kr.
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