TCI Cables Boa Constrictor "SE"

TCI Manufacture some of the best Hi-fi Mains Power Leads and Powerblocks in the world. Manufactured using aerospace grade materials to give top quality and long term reliability. Designed from the ground up, TCI powerleads use True-Plug™ connectors and hand built cables to get the best performance you money can buy.

Top of the range RFI filtering Mains Power lead uses more silver & thicker cross-sectional area along with reference grade construction techniques making it amongst the best mains leads found anywhere in the world. It’s lower noise floor allows your system to produce a bigger, more focused presentation and with tighter bass reproduction than ever before. The level of detail and dynamics are a major step up making it one of the best value pieces of hi-fi equipment you can buy.- TCI True-Plug™ Plated mains connectors

– Split-braid multi-earth construction
– 24 x PTFE insulated silver-plated copper conductors
– Up to 60 amps at 500 volts RMS
– Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.

TCI Boa Constrictor “SE” 1,5 meter koster 7895,-

TCI Boa Constrictor “SE” 2,0 meter koster 11395,-

Pris: 7.895,00 kr.
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