TCI Cables Fierce

TCI Manufacture some of the best Hi-fi interconnects available using aerospace grade materials to give top quality and long term reliability. TCI Fierce has placed above TCI Viper.

TCI Fierce is the best of the Hi-Fi range of interconnects produced by True Colours Industries. It is a quad core design with aerospace grade PC-OFC alloy conductors and insulation. The improved design over TCI Viper enables it to resolve even more detail with increased dynamics and improved imaging. Its performance is excellent yet it maintains excellent value for money.

– PE insulation
– Protective PVC outer jacket
– High quality 24K gold plated engineered RCA connectors
– Oxygen Free Copper conductors
– Quality Designed, specified and built in the UK.

TCI Cables Fierce Locking gold rca 0,6 meter koster 995,-

TCI Cables Fierce Locking gold rca 1 meter koster 1195,-

TCI Cables Fierce Locking gold rca 1,5 meter koster 1495,-

TCI Cables Fierce Locking gold rca 3,0 meter koster 2095,-

TCI Cables Fierce XLR 0,6 meter koster 1595,-

TCI Cables Fierce XLR 1 meter koster 1695,-

TCI Cables Fierce XLR 1,5 meter koster 1895,-

TCI Cables Fierce XLR 3,0 meter koster 2495,-

Pris: 995,00 kr.
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