TCI Cables King Constrictor

Supplied With Wattgate IEC Connector and Rhodium plated UK 13A Mains plug

The KING CONSTRICTOR is a high-power, high-performance mains upgrade, suitable for high-end Turntables, Phono Stages, CD/DVD Players and pre-amps, but also capable of feeding the most powerful amplifiers.

This is one of the best mains upgrades on the world market, but as with all TCI cables, is sensibly priced in comparison to some of the crazy exotica out there.

99% of new Hi-Fi components are supplied with a bulk standard power cable. Most manufactures supply a lead costing less than a few pence! Although hard to believe this is the sad reality. That expensive new Hi-Fi component you’ve just bought is being powered by nothing more than a cheap and nasty kettle lead!

TCI’s Split-Braid Twin-Earth construction developed for the £500 Boa Constrictor mains lead, is here applied to the Rhodium version of the Super Constrictor to make the TCI King Constrictor.

Sonic improvements include more detail, bigger sound stage, better dynamics and a deeper and fuller bass.

The sonic improvements the TCI KING Constrictor brings make it good value in context. There is no magic bullet, just the careful application of tried and tested construction techniques combined with expensive, high-performance components and materials.

The natural filtering effect on dirty mains is significant and though capable of carrying more than 60 amps at 500 volts RMS, the KING is virtually transparent to the power supply.

In addition, the KING offers extra protection to valuable audio equipment with voltage spike and transient protection

The silver-plated copper conductors are PTFE insulated in a braided configuration and then sleeved in halogen-free polyolefin insulation and finally wrapped with tough, but flexible Nylon braid.

The complete cable is constructed of flame-retardant materials making the SCR ideal for permanent installation.

TCI Rhodium-plated TCI 13A UK plug
– TCI Rhodium-plated IEC
– Split-braid twin-earth construction
– 16 x PTFE insulated silver-plated copper conductors
– Up to 50 Amps at 500 volts RMS
– Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.

TCI King constrictor schuko 1 meter koster 3495,-

Pris: 3.495,00 kr.
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