TCI Cables Mamba

TCI Mamba is our newest interconnect and is fitted with True-Plug gold plated locking RCA plugs or Gold Plated XLR plugs. These provide a reference quality connection further enhancing the performance of this state of the art cable. TCI Mamba features Aerospace quality conductors and insulation to enhance sonic abilities to near reference quality performance.

  • Psuedo balanced or full balanced construction
  • High quality True-Plug RCA
  • Aerospace PC-OFC copper alloy conductor
  • Twin screens for improved RF rejection
  • Lead free high purity silver solder
  • Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.


Tci Cables Mamba True-plug 0,6 meter koster 1895,-

Tci Cables Mamba True-plug 1 meter koster 2395,-

Tci Cables Mamba True-plug 1,5 meter koster 2995,-

Tci Cables Mamba True-plug 3,0 meter koster 3495,-


Tci Cables Mamba xlr 0,6 meter koster 2295,-

Tci Cables Mamba xlr 1,0 meter koster 2895,-

Tci Cables Mamba xlr 1,5 meter koster 3395,-

Tci Cables Mamba xlr 3,0 meter koster 3895,-

Pris: 1.895,00 kr.
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