TCI Cables Temple Constrictor

TCI Temple Constrictor features 16 cores of PTFE insulated silver-plated copper and one 2.5mm PVC insulated copper earth wire. It has a thicker cross-sectional area and a larger amount of silver ensuring it has a lower noise floor. Resolving much more detail and tighter bass information it provides a larger and more precise soundstage.

  • 6 x PTFE insulated SP-OFC conductors
  • Braided construction for first-class RF rejection and filtering
  • Polyolefin / polyester braid for abrasion resistance
  • True-Plug™ Plated mains connectors
  • Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.

TCI Temple Constrictor Schuko 1 meter koster 2995,-

TCI Temple Constrictor Schuko 1,5 meter koster 4295,-

TCI Temple Constrictor Schuko 2,0 meter koster 5595,-

Pris: 2.995,00 kr.
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