Xindak A-600 E Integrated

Pris: 31.995,00 kr.
Størrelse:60cm x 45cm x 22cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:53 kg


Features: robust power supply and power, could use as pure power amplifier, timbre is superior than A600. After Xindak released the A600E integrated amplifier , it is said highly by our customer both in domestic and foreign market. Xindak improved the machine and released advanced A600E(09) integrated amplifier. The unit adopt 240000uF filtering capacitance, it has very low internal resistance. That makes the driving force and dynamic expressing of the unit become perfect.

The rear panel of A600E(09) supply many kinds of connect terminals: two group of RCA signal input , 1 group of RCA pure power input, 1 group of balance input; the output connect terminals adopt Germany famous WBT-07 which is top grade and gold-plated connect terminal of loudspeaker , each channel use 2 group parallel, it’s very convenient for bi-wire connect with loudspeaker.

Compare to previous A600E, A600E(09) integrated amplifier is great improved in its power, it’s specially designed toroidal transformer with high-power and low-noise.

Beside, Xindak special made high active heat sink. Heavy and thick aluminium alloy plate makes A600E(09) can keep high active heat dissipation even under high-power class A output condition. Consequently keep the unit working stable and reliable.


160 watt i 8 ohm / 320 watt i 4 ohm

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