Xindak CFD Carbon Coax 1 meter

This cable specially selected American CMC’s RCA plug to reduce the signal loss and ensure more reliable usage. The positive pole is composed by the carbon fiber thread with high purity and high-saturation. While the negative pole is meshed net which comprises 48 pieces Non-oxygen copper lacquered wires. The negative is also electromagnetism shield layer.

Since carbon fiber is featured with super-high physical & chemical character and specific micromechanism, the signal transmitted through it, does not have any ‘skin effect’ which is normal for ordinary metal conductor, or kinds of distortion caused by micro signal loss on the crystal interface. In addition, the character of the carbon fiber does not change as the time pass. The sound is gentle and delicate, which is with wide sound stage and full of musicality.

Pris: 1.495,00 kr.
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