Xindak D-2 Dac rør

D2 is a HI-FI D/A Converter of Xindak which included two version: vacuum tube output and transistor output with digital coaxial, optic, USB input.

It adopts Wolfson AudioPlus Pure Sound ultimate WM8714 as decode chip. Realize the full-module match in interior, and match with different method

according to listening hobby personally.

Output circuit of transistor version adopts low-noise and non-inductive resistance and BB company’s OPA2604 operational amplifier. Also it can plug

operational module which consist of discrete component.

Vacuum tube version takes 6922 tube for buffer and amplification, making tone more smooth and mellow.


  • Wolfson AudioPlus Pure Sound series WM8741 IC
  • 2 channel standard stereo RCA & Balanced output.
  • Indicator for digital receiving status (LOCKED).
  • Supports up to 192KHz/24bit audio signal
  • Remote controller.


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Pris: 9.995,00 kr.
Størrelse:32cm x 33cm x 10cm (LxWxH)
Vægt:7 kg
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